Meet Carl, the underdog and newest resident of Brian’s Bay

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    Meet Carl. He’s the underdog. By that I mean he’s the last puppy remaining of the three males who were born just three weeks ago.

    This is a landmark occasion for Brian’s Bay, so it’s no surprise it hit the press:

    The small town of Brian’s Bay is in the news again after census data ranked it the fastest growing Bay in the country, with a 100% increase in the last month alone.

    The newest resident is Carl, who is of mysterious origins. It’s unknown what method of travel was chosen. A committee formed by the city to investigate the particulars agreed on only one thing, there was forward motion involved in the transport.

    Carl moved from Ancient Egypt to Chetek, WI and now to quaint, pleasant land and seas only found at Brian’s Bay.

    When asked about what brought him here, he said “I feel at peace here and I can’t wait for everyone else to feel that.” This sentiment was shared by many people on social media when they found out about the newcomer. Academics, scientists and people who ought to know all agree on one thing: Carl is the descendent of an ancient Egyptian dog-god named Anubis.

    While Anubis is a common name in modern society, within ancient Egyptian society it was reserved for the dog-god Anubis who was the god of the underworld and thus the underdog.

    Even more interesting is the most popular designer dog breed of the year, the Springerdoodle. Carl was chosen to be the protégé of Mildred Mae (known locally as Millie) who is also royalty. Here’s photographs of Mildred Mae (Millie) below for your viewing pleasure.

    Those closest to Carl describe him to be outgoing, social, energetic and to be the “paw-fect” companion for our oldest resident and founder, Brian.

    With such an impressive pedigree, we can’t wait to see what this new arrival will bring to an already remarkable place to live!

    It goes without saying that I’m really excited. This is a year of bests for me.

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